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The global forklift industry is so large that the average consumer is blown away by the number of companies that emerged over the past ten years, the array of new products that the industry has spawned and the manner by which the forklift industry has transformed the way consumer products are moved from raw materials to delivery at our doorstep. It is not an exaggeration to call the activity within the forklift industry a modern industrial revolution. Because the forklift industry evolved as a response to specific practical needs within a given industry, the various models emerged over time. Think of the variety of issues within a warehouse depending on the product being moved or stored: pharmaceuticals require security and sanitary conditions; certain foods require refrigeration and super cleanliness; volatile products require special attention to safety; the health of operators and workers require attention to machine emissions; the fragility of the product requires a certain type of tire and suspense system; heavy and bulky items require counterbalance and maneuverability – and the list goes on. Our forklift reviews & price guides are at your service to point the way to the right forklift for the right job.

The Importance of Forklifts

Whether you buy a product at the store or purchase it online, from creation to delivery, it is estimated that your purchase has encountered 15-21 forklifts during its development. Made from wood, iron, plastic or cardboard, your product would have had several such encounters with a forklift as it was recovered from its natural environment in the forest, the ground, or some chemical environment until it was fully processed and delivered to the manufacturer where it would be fabricated into the final product. During that cycle, it would have been assembled, using any combination of fasteners, such as staples, screws, glue or nails that may have already been handled multiple times by forklifts that are owned, rented, or leased. It would have been painted (with paint moved by forklifts) before being passed on for a variety of other modifications at the mercy of a forklift. During the various phases of it creation into a final product, it would have been moved or stacked by a forklift. Its packaging would have gone through its own creative, storage and delivery cycles – with forklifts involved. Preparation for storage and shipping to a distributor involved forklifts. Whether it ends up at a retailer or on a FedEx truck, chances are forklifts were used in the process. As you can see, forklifts are important! We are proud of our venerable forklift industry, and is dedicated to providing you with the lowest quotes for new or used forklift sales, forklift rentals, and forklift leases from forklift dealers in your area. Searching for a used forklift for sale? Our dealers have a proven track record for fast and reliable service at the most competitive prices. Need a forklift rental? Get free forklift rental quotes from multiple dealers. Compare rental prices and options with no obligations. Our proven and dependable forklift dealers are here to serve you. Don’t waste your time all day calling or emailing forklift providers.  Let us do the legwork for you.  Our nationwide forklift network allows us to offer the lowest prices and the fastest service. Thank you for visiting Get your free forklift quotes, today!