KION Group Forklifts: Elevating Standards in Material Handling

The KION Group, a titan in the material handling sector, has a rich history of innovation and excellence. This blog post explores KION’s entry into the forklift business and reviews some of their top forklift models under their flagship brands, Linde and Still.

The Inception of KION’s Material Handling Legacy

KION Group’s journey in the forklift industry began with the establishment of Linde and Still, two companies that would become pillars in the material handling world. Linde, founded in 1904, initially focused on refrigeration before pivoting to forklift manufacturing in the 1950s. Still, established in 1920, began as a repair workshop for electric motors and quickly evolved into a leading forklift manufacturer.

The formation of KION Group in 2006 marked a new era. It emerged from the demerger of Linde’s material handling division, bringing together Linde’s innovation in hydrostatic drives and Still’s expertise in electric forklifts and warehouse technology.

Expanding Horizons and Technological Breakthroughs

KION Group’s expansion was rapid, emphasizing technological advancements and sustainability. Their focus on research and development led to breakthroughs in energy efficiency and ergonomics, setting new standards in the forklift industry.

Top KION Group Forklift Models

1. Linde Series 1202 Hydrostat IC Truck

  • Key Features: Renowned for its hydrostatic drive, this model offers unmatched precision and handling.
  • Best For: Ideal for demanding applications in logistics, distribution, and manufacturing.

2. Still RX 60 Electric Forklift

  • Key Features: This electric forklift is known for its high performance, energy efficiency, and low emissions.
  • Best For: Perfect for indoor operations, particularly in food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

3. Linde E20-E50 Electric Forklifts

  • Key Features: These models boast exceptional efficiency, ergonomics, and durability, with advanced electric motors.
  • Best For: Suitable for a wide range of indoor applications, especially where environmental impact and energy efficiency are concerns.

4. Still FM-X Reach Truck

  • Key Features: Known for its innovative assistance systems, this reach truck ensures maximum throughput in high-rack warehouses.
  • Best For: Excellent for use in high-density storage and distribution centers.

Why Opt for KION Group Forklifts?

Choosing a KION Group forklift means investing in:

  • Innovative Engineering: Both Linde and Still are pioneers in forklift technology, continually pushing boundaries in efficiency and performance.
  • Sustainability: A focus on eco-friendly designs and energy efficiency makes their forklifts suitable for green operations.
  • Global Support: With a worldwide network, KION ensures accessible service and support for its customers.
  • Diverse Range: Their extensive portfolio caters to various industries and applications, from heavy-duty lifting to precise warehouse operations.

KION Group’s foray into the forklift industry, marked by the legacy of Linde and Still, is a story of constant evolution and commitment to excellence. Their forklifts, characterized by groundbreaking technology and sustainability, cater to a diverse array of material handling needs. Whether it’s the precision of Linde’s hydrostatic forklifts or the efficiency of Still’s electric models, KION Group continues to redefine standards in the material handling sector.